Thursday, March 27, 2008

BSN Junkie

I've tried muscle tech products, cytosport, anator p70, muscle milk, cell tech, hydroxycut, atrophex, mass tech, everything, jumping all over like a hyena. Well finally atrophex lists an example "stack" on their packaging, and suddenly this whole hysteria makes sense. Even as I type this I'm looking at a floor full of supplements- but now knowing that as soon as I've finished them I'm sticking with BSN products. It's not magical, there's a forumla. Protein here, creatine there, increase in certain body hormone productions here, and boom you're done.

When I have a routine perfected, I'll post it up. For now, I'm finishing up 2x muscle milk (long way to go), whey protein (almost gone), mass-tech (yuck), and cell-tech.

I start nitrix and resume n.o. explode next week, keeping atrophex, and will start cell mass as soon as cell-tech from muscletech is gone. See, all those stupid names. Pick a brand and just stick with it already.

I miss the feeling of lifting, muscles ready to pop at any given moment. It's time to bring that back.

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roygavra1 said...

As far my personnel experience counts i have been using epistane for lean mass gain an this pro hormone appears to be working just right for me