Saturday, December 20, 2008

MMV2 / Formadrol

A 4 week MMV2 run with the 2 week Formadrol PCT is a nice little quickie for between cycles. Take you a couple of weeks off after PCT and then take a couple more weeks off after the MMV2/Formdrol run also.

Friday, November 28, 2008

3 day split

I've been recovering for 4 days lately, but when epistane starts next week I'm going to be moving to 3 day split keeping the same workout. If I feel completely tired and it is too much, I'll add an extra recovery day successively until I'm good.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay the iphone has let me down enough by losing my "gym buddy" data so I'm sticking to pen and paper notebooks.

Some of the equipment at my gym is in kg, some in lb. The best part about kg is I really don't know what they represent offhand, even though I made a quick small chart from 100~160 lb before I went out yesterday. So I might actually lift more initially then planned.

Dumbbell Flyes, target is 6~10. Used: 66kg for 13 reps. Moving up to 77kg next time. However if I can't adjust the machine better for my arms, I'm going to consider dropping it for the pec deck.

Incline Press: moved immediately to this from flyes. Also, started out here to warm up and find a set a good weight for after the flyes. Target here was 1~3 reps, and I got 2 with 88kg. Warmup was 44kg, 66kg, 77kg. I'm going to keep this one at 88kg and see if I can get 3+ reps next time.

Straight arm pull down: the machine we use at the gym is off being refurbed, so I used the cables and the weight there only goes to 100. Despite that, I started with 60lb, target 6~10 reps. I did 27 (wtf) which is WAY TOO MANY and took fucking forever. I'm switching to full 100 next time, or the pullover machine. This was for lats.

Immediately jump to: Palms up pulldown, same machine (wont work if we use pullover but should be fairly quick jump over to cables). Target 6~10 reps. With 60lb I did 37 reps and said f**** this. Went to 90x6, going to 100 next time. Again, this lat pulldown machine is off being refurb for about another month (christ).

Deadlift. Target 6~10 reps, should be complete failure at rep 10. Did 18 reps, going to warm up with 4x135, then add 50 for 185 to failure (6~10).

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mike Mentzer / HIT / Update

Studying Mike Mentzer and applying his studies, teaching, and philosophy in regards to training with high intensity.

I was ~171 lb the other day. Been resting for 4 days, will go back in tomorrow and hit the legs/abs.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine capsules (2.25g) can be used by weight trainers &/or endurance athletes to help boost intracellular carnosine levels which in turn may lead to increased endurance, lean muscle, and strength gains.

Each serving of Beta Alanine caps provide 2.25 grams (2250 mg) of Beta Alanine per serving.

Typical Results:

* Improved Lean Muscle and Strength Gains*
* Improved Muscular Endurance for More Productive Workouts & Training Sessions*
* Enhanced Recovery*
* Excellent Pumps*
* Delayed Fatigue *

Ask Yourself These Questions:

Do you train at a high intensity?

Would you benefit from limiting fatigue/improving endurance during your workouts?

Do you want to improve your explosive power output?

Do you want to improve your recovery time?

Do you want to get the most from your workouts?

* If you answer yes to any of the above questions, Beta Alanine may just be a perfect option for your new training companion.

How does it work?

Beta Alanine works through increasing carnosine levels. By doing so, it helps improve weight training and athletic performance in a variety of ways. Increasing carnosine levels is important because it increases buffering capacity in the muscle, which means that carnosine helps prevent your muscles from becoming too acidic during times of stress.

Carnosine is found in primarily type II (fast twitch) muscle fibers, which are the ones that are most important for explosive movements. This makes Beta Alanine supplementation ideal for weight trainers, sprinters, and a variety of other athletes.

In basic terms, that means that increasing carnosine levels allows one to train harder and longer for improved performance and results.

Another important benefit of increased carnosine levels is that carnosine is a powerful precursor in potentiating Nitric Oxide (N.O.). This is because carnosine is the substrate for NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase) activity, which is the enzyme responsible for generating Nitric Oxide. In layman’s terms, this leads to more dramatic vasodilation and ‘pumps’.

How long does it take to start noticing results?

Immediate Benefits: Many users will notice enhanced vasodilation aka ‘pumps’ within the first couple days of using Beta Alanine.

Longer Term Benefits: Beta Alanine works through helping increase carnosine levels. By doing so, it contributes to helping build lean muscle, improve endurance, delay fatigue, and improve recovery. These results are typically noticed during the second week of use, although some users will notice them sooner. Also, unlike many supplements in which results decrease with continued use, the most beneficial results with Beta Alanine are usually noticed after consistent usage for 3 weeks and continue to progress.

In summary, whether you are an athlete looking to improve explosive power and output, or a weight trainer trying to get the most from your workouts, Beta Alanine can be cost effectively implemented into your training regimen to help you maximize your hard earned results.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As of last week I'm set at 165 lbs. Trying to get at least 20g protein every 3 hours, and 20~40g casein before bed. I think 40 makes me too tired in the morning, but not sure because my alarm was accidentally set for 5 PM so when I woke up at 6:30 I was a bit confused.

Cancelling World's Gym in OC today, signed up for a place called Energy Gym a little closer to home that is also open 24 hours a day (very fucking cool). Still having a hard time closing down the HT membership at the max rate because face it, tan people are hot and I like being hot.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

6-oxo relevant post

Let me guess; You were taking 600 mgs (double recommended dose) of 6-OXO, then in one day without any tapering you drop to 0 mgs.

There by creating double estrogen levels and driving your testosterone levels down low.

6-OXO should be tapered off at no faster than 100 mgs every 4 days to be safe.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Stop Neovar

Why? Creatine is meant to be 5 day load, 30 days on, and cycled out. We've been on it forever. Ugh. Stupid n00b.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beginning 6oxo / Lean Xtreme

6oxo: 20 day cycle, 3 caps with last meal (converting to trione after this)

Lean Xtreme: 1 cap when waking up, another 4 hours later.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cardio Day!

Okay so we're prepping for an 11mi run from Selbyville to Fenwick Island, I type this as I pull dead bugs off of my back from being trapped in my shirt this last round.

One can appreciate an indoor treadmill even more because I can't for the life of me remember the last time I was indoors and breathed in 50 bugs a shot for an hour straight. ugh.

We did good though and, for the next 2 weeks, 3x a week, we're running to the end of Selbyville town limits. I'm not sure how far that is, but I didn't finish KMFDM WWIII CD, I've been back for awhile, and I didn't leave until like 8:20 or so which just now is an hour ago.

Can't wait to see how this feels tomorrow morning, especially with tomorrow being fake cardio day (mowing the lawn ;))

Pre WO included:
Xtend BCAA
24g ON Gold Standard
2x Kwik Carb (not sure the g measurement, I think ~88 I can measure once I get a digi)
2x PCT (Stoked)
3x Neovar (old with CEE)
3x Pfull

Post WO:
24g ON
Xtend BCAA
3x Neovar (old/CEE)

Oh yes, lunch today was a big box meal from taco bell. Not to worry, I had 8 bsn cheaters caps ;)

I also haven't been as regular in the bathroom, even with lots of fiber. I think this means instead of wasting supplements, I'm actually increasing mass now.

Man I haven't sweat this much in forever, and it feels absolutely great! If I could do ONE thing better, it would be to plan a really fucking awesome playlist for the ipod. Sevendust is on my mind!

Got a leg attachment for the weight set today. It came with an adapter for olympic weights which is great, but I have all CAP right now AND they made it so I have to go to my house and dig around for my tools in order to get it off/use it. haha.... I might make tomorrow leg/dead lift day. I want to push tris back as far as I can this week because of the first tri workout last week and how my joints felt after, and the soreness for 4x days.

That's all for now, have an awesome evening everyone!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Began taking AI's PCT (also sold as Stoked)

2am, 2pm (i'm going around 8am and 8pm)

also i want to start on some 6oxo when it comes in, see how that works for me

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Epistane PCT

I told the AM folks I was avoiding epistane for awhile. This is true, but I will add cycle support to my daily supplementation. Off of epi, you can halve the dose which means it will last longer :) Bulk > cap any time! ($$$ wise too).

BUT for the future, here's one Havoc (epiclone) users PCT:

I just wanted to start this thread so that others that have had great results with their HAVOC cycle can post their cycle/Stack along with PCT.

OK here we go.

Week 1: 20mg havoc + 2 scoop AI Cycle Support
Week 2: 20mg havoc + 2 scoop AI Cycle Support
Week 3: 30mg havoc + 2 scoop AI Cycle Support
Week 4: 40mg havoc + 2 scoop AI Cycle Support

Week 5: 4caps Post Cycle Support + 2 scoop AI Cycle Support
Week 6: 4caps POST cYCLE Support + 2 scoop AI Cycle Support
Week 7: 4caps Post Cycle Support + 2 scoop AI Cycle Support + 3caps Lean Extreme
Week 8: 4caps Post Cycle Support + 2 scoop AI Cycle Support + 3Caps Lean Extreme + 4caps 6oxo

Week 9: + 3caps Lean Extreme + 3caps 6oxo
week 10: + 3caps Lean Extreme + 2caps 6oxo
week 11:

Monday, July 7, 2008

Epistane Cycle: Work in progress

Alrighty so I've ordered Epistane, Cycle Support, and Post Cycle Support from IBE. After much reading, I've determined that it is an incomplete kit and need to order some Novedex XT, and restock my Cissus for PCT.

_ 2 weeks out, begin Cycle Support

_ Cycle:
Dosing spread at: 4am, 10am, 4pm, with the higher doses earlier in the morning.
I'm planning a 4 week run of Epistane at 20/30/30/40
Week 1: 10/20/20/20
Week 2: 30/30/30/30
Week 3: 30/30/30/30
Week 4: 40/40/40/40

After the cycle:

_ Post Cycle Support
_ Nolvadex (40/40/20/20)
_ Super Cissus RX
_ 6-OXO
_ Axis HT (Only because I have 2 bottles laying around)

What doesn't change?
_ BCAAs during/post workout (Xtend)
_ Protein Supplementation
_ Multivitamin

What does change?
On cycle, stop NeoVar, Powerfull, Anabolic Pump, PSlin

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Home Gym FTW

Unless you live next door to a gym, I'm voting for a home gym being the best. Mine is far from complete, but it has allowed me to train intensely without having to worry about "did I bring a good change of clothes" or "did I forget something" or even "aw crap now I have to buy the Gym's version of a creatine/protein product because mine is at home." It has also allowed me to stop trying to sneak stuff in to work, because it's just not necessary. Focus is again where it needs to be at the gym, intensity, my music gets played loudly, and focus is where it belongs at work, myspace, youtube, failblog, explosm, etc.

Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm yanking these from my myspace page and putting them here;

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


neovar recomp with pre workout shake

neovar recomp with post workout shake

ap the rest of the time

no more pslin :O

neovar recomp = pslin+creatine mono basically = leet

fat burners

go ahead, take them forever. and when you wonder why you're tired all of the time, THEN you can remember you're supposed to off-cycle them after 8~12 weeks for at least 4 weeks. silly.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Why are steroids illegal?

Because people are too stupid to do things right, research, plan, hypothesize, understand, learn immerse themselves in the study, and start out slow.

You got people with 8 kids on welfare that don't know when to stop fucking.

You got 80 year olds with no savings account wondering why people aren't doing the hard work for them to make their dream life perfect.

And we have some smart law makers that understand typical people (99%) are TOO STUPID to use steroids correctly.

I don't use them because I can't even utilize goddamn legal protein and supplements properly yet. Why give a 2 year old a military spy plane to pilot? Why?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Run PM Weights AM


Okay here's what we're going to try:

1. screw calorie count
2. 1.5g protein per lb weight. That's 255 for me (oy vey!)
3. Carbs. I heard 3g per, not sure. That's 510 (yeow)
4. Syntha 6 is a nice protein blend (supposedly). But people question the amino acid quality in there. So we supplement with xtend bcaa's at least once a day (I like to keep the container at home.. need solution there).

Not sure how I'll break up the 255g protein. BUT the point of that is if I'm not getting enough cals each day which makes me catabolic, I don't want to lose muscle at all.

But I think all the other stuff in the shakes equalling 255g protein will put me past maint. cals and put me at risk of adipose fat gain. Damnit.

Calories What?

* 1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories
* 1 gram of protein = 4 calories
* 1 gram of fat = 9 calories
* 1 gram of alcohol = 7 calories

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank you, Rob the bouncer!

This is a very well written post recently:

A few weeks ago, I had a fitness epiphany. I met up with some friends who told me some things, in ways both implied and specific, that pissed me off in ways I hadn’t been pissed off in years.

I’m not going to mince words here. Over the course of the past two years, for a variety of reasons, I’ve turned myself into a pussy. I haven’t been doing any of the things I know I need to do in order to make progress. I was eating like shit, training like a little girl, and deluding myself into thinking I was “hardcore” because I was a big fish in a little pond who could stack a bunch of plates on a bar and lift it a few times.

Big fucking deal. What difference does being moderately strong make when you look like shit and you’re stuck on the same lifting and running numbers for years at a time? Are you really doing anything right?

My friend Jim Wendler from Elite Fitness Systems nailed it for me. Here’s what he said:

“I’m very, very happy that I never had the fuckin’ internet when I started training. What that forced me to do was something that ninety-nine percent of the training population has forgotten to do, and that’s lift fuckin’ weights. That’s it. Because I had to sit, by myself, in a gym with no one else to train with, and guess what I had to do? I had to fuckin’ think.”

The internet is full of fantastic training advice from people who know exactly what they’re doing. If you know where to look and what to read, you’ll never need to pay a personal trainer for as long as you live. If you want to know where to look, feel free to email me and I’ll point you in the right direction. The internet is also filled with slapdicks who have no idea what the fuck they’re doing, but so are most gyms – including mine - so what’s the difference? That’s a topic for a different day, though, so let’s move on.

The problem with the internet, at least as I see it, is that without learning things in the way Jim describes – the way I originally learned them in my basement as a kid - we’re all capable of taking the good advice we’re given and warping it into something that doesn’t even come close to resembling the original product.

For a while now, I’ve had a problem with the concept of “infrequent training.” The idea behind this is to turn rest into a training methodic. You build muscle through getting the proper amounts of rest between sessions. You recharge your central nervous system (CNS) by taking days off between “hard” workouts. You keep yourself injury-free and able to come back stronger by taking “deload” weeks where you lighten your load or, in some cases, take an entire week off.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this method. In fact, it’s actually the ideal way to train. All of the above concepts are irrefutably true. The only way to make real progress as an athlete, or as someone who simply wants to get in better shape, is by getting enough rest between workouts. I know this is true because I’ve experienced it myself. It’s why professional football teams, by the time they get midway through a season, pretty much don’t do shit in practice after Wednesday. It works.

The caveat here is that you have to be working hard enough to earn these rest periods. I was lying to myself on this point. I was mailing in some seriously half-assed workouts three or four times a week, then taking entire days – and sometimes weekends – off because I claimed to be adhering to the “infrequent training” principle of resting my CNS. I was scheduling deload weeks once a month whether I needed them or not – and believe me, I didn’t need them.

This was a total crock of shit, because what I was doing was turning myself into a pussy who was able to rationalize not going balls-out in the gym by thinking I was taking the advice I’d gotten from the best in the world and running with it. Meanwhile, “taking advice and running with it” wasn’t what I was doing. I was turning myself into a mentally weak person who had a thousand excuses – disguised as “training science,” of course – for not doing the things I instinctively know are right.

Here are the steps I’ve taken to solve the problem. Be advised that I’ve been a fairly high level athlete in the past, which has helped me to learn my body and mind better than most people I see in the gym. The way I’m doing this is working for me, but it’s not for everyone. Some of it has no “training utility” whatsoever and is intended strictly to de-pussify my mind. That said, here’s what I’ve been concentrating on of late:

1. Conditioning: Without getting into any heavy science, I’m going to define “conditioning” as follows: the ability to do hard shit repeatedly for long periods of time. Essentially, I’ve been doing this “hard shit” until the point of vomiting just about every day for the past three weeks. I’m well aware that this is not the ideal way to go about doing things, but I’m training this way to benefit my mind rather than my body. Every day, when I’m on the way to the gym, I say to myself, “Self? What’s the thing you’d least like to do today?” Usually, this involves the use of the Prowler, so that’s what I do – back and forth, with short rest periods, until my legs go lactic and I end up puking water all over the place. This has gotten easier with time, which is precisely what I wanted to happen.

2. Nutrition: I have eaten “clean” for the past three weeks. During this time, I’ve lost 14 pounds of water weight – which is fine because I’m continuing to get stronger. I eat nothing but chicken, fish, vegetables and oatmeal – all organic when I can help it. I eat every three hours, and I cycle the amount of carbohydrates I take in based on what I’m doing in the gym that day. I love eating like this because I look different every morning when I wake up. People are already noticing.

3. Gym Habits: I’m back to being a lit fuse in the gym. I don’t talk to anyone from the time I walk in the door to the time I’m finished. I throw on headphones and a hat from one of the football teams I played for, and I just fucking go. I pace like a mental patient between sets, staring at the floor or at the exercise I’m about to do. People at my gym have gotten the message.

4. Setting Records: I keep records of every exercise I do, and I try to better them the next time I’m in the gym – whether it’s lifting more weight, doing more reps, or doing more conditioning. I’m taking my assistance exercises – the little shit – as seriously as I take the major stuff, trying to do better and better every time out. When I don’t get a record, I get pissed and I curse, loudly. This has made a huge difference. The extra conditioning has helped a lot because I’m not hanging on for dear life at the end of my sessions anymore. I feel myself getting stronger as the workouts go on and I’m actually getting something out of the latter parts instead of just going through the motions.

5. Motivation: Being an athlete has always been “my thing,” but I’ve felt, lately, that it’s been co-opted and taken away from me by people at my gym – and elsewhere - who feel they have the right to bother me while I’m training, or to interfere with my life to the point where I can’t train properly. I’ve been motivated these past few weeks by the feeling of taking back what’s mine, and it’s been liberating like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t particularly like Slipknot, but the song Snap is on my MP3 player. I love the part where they say the lines, “All I want is what’s mine…All I want is what’s mine…” over and over again. I save that one for when I need it.

Now, before you think I’m jumping into this too quickly and things will level off, you need to know that this isn’t being written by someone who's ever stopped training. I’ve been in the gym at least five days a week since junior high, and that was a long time ago. I’ll never stop doing this. In fact, I’m more likely to stick with doing things this way, and I’m more likely to quit if I think I’m being half-assed and getting nowhere.

Not giving your best in the gym – or wherever – is fine if that’s not where you want to apply yourself. There’s definitely something wrong, however, with lying to yourself and thinking you’re giving a hundred percent when you’re not. That’s what I was doing, and it’s just fucking weak.

Those days are over for me. On to better ones.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hm.. after looking at my diet and caloric requirement, I think I may still keep buying truemass. Since I'm trying to gain weight I need about 3000 cals a day, which isnt terrible but if I keep not eating it's going to be harder to do.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Welcome to Week 7

We celebrate week 7 by bringing a ball to work to sit on and taking the week off of the gym :o)

Caloric Intake

Baseline caloric number: 2341

W = (weight in kg * 13.75) + 66
H = (height in in * 12.7)
A = (age * 6.76)

Low activity, low/medium metabolism:1.2
Low activity, high metabolism:1.3
Medium activity, low/medium metabolism:1.3
Medium activity, high metabolism:1.5
High activity, low metabolism:1.4
High activity, medium metabolism:1.5
High activity, high metabolism:1.7

baseline = (W+H-A) * coefs

To bulk correctly Id add 700 calories for men, and 500 calories for women.
On a bulk, Id take in roughly 3977 calories a day. Our example, would be at 2722. Given these rates, the men would gain a lb every 5 days, with women gaining one every 7 days.

Macro break down:
Bulking for both men and women it is imperative to take in plenty of good carbohydrates and protein. But fats are not to be neglected either. To that end, I like either 40% Protein, 30% Carbohydrates, 30% Fats or 40% Protein, 40% Carbohydrates, 20% Fats breakdowns. Some people also like 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 30% fats.

At 3977 calories a day, saying I wanted to go 40/40/20, Id want to take in 1591 calories a day from protein (40% of 3977), 1591 of carbohydrates (40%) and 795 calories from fat. Giving me a macro breakdown of 398g of protein and carbohydrates and 88g of fat. Will this be easily attainable? 4,000 calories is a challenge, but to bulk correctly, you need to know what your up against. You MUST eat to put weight on. These macros are not an end all, maybe 40/30/30 would be more attainable. You must make your diet work for you.
__________________________________________________ ___
Cutting is the opposite.

With our base calories of 3277 and 2222 respectively, we'll shave 500 calories off of these. That would give a rough weight loss of 1 lb per week. You can shave more if you want, but remember shaving too much can sacrifice hard earned gains made previously.

There are literally hundreds of diets out there, low fat, low carb, keto and many others. Many are fine philosophies. Taking into effect your caloric goals, you need to choose wisely. Im personally a fan of low carb/keto diets. My girlfriend is losing weight quickly on low fat. If you take your calories down, you will lose weight either way. Thats all dieting is. It is literally that simple. Once youve made a significant weight loss, (Id say 15lbs or more), reanalyze yourself, and get new caloric values to keep yourself going strong.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Tossin out the True Mass

And keepin just Syntha 6 for protein requirements. I don't want all those calories.

May swap syntha6 for something else if I can find less cals/sugar/whatever based on what the others from AM are using.

Chest Press 411

You also said that your diet wasn't too strict or something like that. Nutrition is a vast majority of the equation. Really focus on getting at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight and 2.5 to 3 grams of carbs per lb of bodyweight spread out over a few meals. You could supplement with Creatine, BCAA's, Whey and Casein, and NO2 and become a monster!

Pay attention to the small things too. Hand placement should be about shoulder width or a little greater depending on your frame and arm length. Make sure you're using your chest and not your recruiting your delts too much (i.e. keep you shoulder blades pinched together for the entire set). Don't arch your back when you press up. Bring the weight to right above your nipple NOT your neck.

If this don't get you somewhere then you might want to consider pec implants LOL

[Ref: ]

Thursday, May 8, 2008

anabolic deviant

give me a minute to redecorate from the previous bsn junkie theme :) (aka wait til monday heheehhe)

Powerfull+AP+Pslin day 1

Just had 80g waxymaize 15 minutes after Pslin/Powerfull. Only had 1 AP this morning, left the bottle at home on accident. I feel pumped already but it's probably from being just super excited about pslin! Ttyl! Next day Napalm pics coming up after this!

NOTE: Bumpin to 120g tomorrow ;) AWESOME gym day, I just wish I felt the pump over more muscles that I worked. So so so underdeveloped young Robert is :(

Which week am I in? (Wrapping up week 6 this friday)

Well we're up from ~148 starting to ~157 right now, not too shabby!

Using some of the other posts to figure this out, I do believe I'm in week 6 now. That means I'm halfway through the first BSN cycle. This is going to affect Cellmass, Nitrix, Atrophex, Axis HT, NO Xplode.

"Sadly" I've replaced NO Xplode with an AP/Pslin schedule that I can tolerate and won't have to cycle completely off of. Never really have been a fan of N.O. anyway, sorry guys.

Atrophex will be replaced with Recreate+Napalm

Nitrix, I'm thinking Vasocharge but need more 411. I may stick with nitrix during the next cycle.

Cellmass should be replaced by Neovar because caps > powder for me.


Im currently cycling both products as per mullet's method -

AP 1 - 2 (weeks)

AP/P-SLIN 3 -4

P-SLIN 5 - 6

P-SLIN/AP - 7 - 8

Rinse, repeat. So you're taking a two week break off of each one, and still getting the wicked effects.

You certianly know about it coming back on, and get a little extra value for money thrown in to boot by extending your stash life.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Napalm by Avant Research

2008 Nov 28 Update

Just an update shot.

Day 4:

Day 3:

Day 2:

Day 1:

Day 0:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

From AM

Because you are training to build muscle mass/size, only 1 set is needed. Several studies have been done comparing 1 set vs. 3 sets. 3 sets greatly improves strength, but compared to 1 set shows no added benefits in building muscle. Believe it or not, increased strength may actually constrict your ability to build muscle mass. That's why you'll see a big bodybuilder who benches the same weight as a powerlifter half his size.

For your warm up and working sets go like this:
1st set: 10 reps with a weight you could easily do for 20
2nd set: 8-10 reps with a weight you could do for 15
work set: 8-10 reps to a "sticking point"

*Sticking point: this is a part in your motion where you despite how hard you push, the weight will not budge. For example, on the bench press this usually occurs when you're arms are bent at about 90 degrees.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Staple Supplements

Super Cissus Rx


Anabolic Pump


Syntha 6


Axis HT

If the bar ain't bending, you're just pretending.

Napalm recommended here, making me wonder if Recreate is not what I'm looking for...

For those that are cutting this is probably the biggest problem that you face and you don't even know it. Now like most people I sometimes judge my progress by always looking at my abs. The problem is that your abs may not change one bit but you still keep losing weight in areas around you body. Your abs are the last place that it will burn fat and to assess your progress you need to understand how the body burns body fat. Basically the body burns fat from the outside in. It will protect the vital organs and keep energy reserves closer to your core than on your limbs. This is one reason you can have ripped arms but still have a nice tire around your waist. Now the tricky part is to understand WHEN you've hit a wall. Most people tihnk "my abs are the same, I'm not losing fat". Well thats far from the truth. The amount of fat that is on your inner thights, butt, lower back, etc... is much more substantial and can take a very long time to burn off so you should try and look in those areas too. Your abs should be the last place you look until those other areas are fairly lean. Just some things for you to think about....

ps. Without squats and deadlifts, you can kiss your abs goodbye!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This was a very smooth company to order from. The only reason I'm not listing them is because while I haven't ordered from yet, the prices at the other place are lower, and they are part of the AnabolicMinds community that I'm pretty much immersed in at the moment.

You may not know, but VitaCost does not carry and of the USPLabs stuff that I'm using so poo on them :) NutraPlanet's BSN prices do seem cheaper, so depending on shipping costs I may buy everything from them from now on. Hmm! :D


I think I double dosed anabolic pump on accident around lunch time today! I felt generally very crappy and it started about 2pm. I'm purposely skipping the dose with dinner, and I'm making today a full on rest day (aka I just got up from a 1.5 hour nap). I'll dose PowerFull tonight just before bed like normal, and am about to take up some more carbs and truemass for "dinner."

Today makes the first day in probably a long time where I've had over 3000 calories in a day. I also plan to eat some cereal because cereal rocks and I love it!!!

Still considering Pslin and Recreate. Also I really need to stop buying stuff locally because even after shipping it's still cheaper online, and the cost savings shoot through the roof after the first item.

Edit: Okay I lied I dosed anyway :P

Monday, April 28, 2008


Most likely going to be a cardio/legs day because I pretty much worked everything today.

I do plan to go home first, to give myself time to load up on AP+Waxymaize before the gym, and prep a bottle of cellmass/waxymaize for after. Less crap to take to work, sans the huge truemass bottle that I will be lugging around tomorrow.

True Mass

Picked up a bottle of this stuff tonight to help with caloric intake + other vitamins etc. Even with Truemass I came in at under 3000 calories today, and normally I don't have the benefits of it. No wonder I'm tired all the time and am a hard gainer.

Also picked up Waximaize, and was so so sooooo very close to picking up some Pslin. Maybe later :)

Anabolic Pump

This has me looking at mixing waxy maize and maldextrin next. Also on the anabolicminds forum, their personal profile section AmSpace is a perfect way for me to start tracking diet and workouts. Plus, the board is mobile phone friendly, so I may be able to track workouts even easier, in realtime! First test is tonight!

Also, I want to give the credit to anabolic pump, my arms have been fucking insane since starting to take this stuff. And I'm noticing it other areas as well. I'm finally getting super excited about body building the way I used to be, this is fantastic!

NO Xplode/Nitrix replaced by AP/P-slin/Vasocharge

"most of the products out their include NO and if AP or P-slin is taken I feel no need for he NO. Plus I like to get off it for a while."

"vasocharge/primal no2 is the best. No comparison and you can find it for under 20 bucks which is a steal"

"Thats funny!!. No Xplode is total crap comapared to Vasocharge. Scivation is a far better company also. Scivation can just laugh in the face of BSN in my opinion."

"The two, NO Xplode and Vasocharge, are both good products and you wont go wrong with either. If I had to pick one as a stand alone I will go with No Xplode. However more often than not I pick Vasocharge. This is because i mix my PWO with some BCAA(Xtend) and Vasocharge really mixes excellently with Xtend and taste is also great(Lemonade)."

"no xplode- no results
nitrix- nothing
no shotgun- worst headaches ever, upset stomache (good pump)
superpump 250- supers*its and nothing
NO2 (GNC)-actually very effective great pumps
AAKG- alrite not as good as L-arginine, terrible taste
L-arginine- great pumps
Vasocharge- sweet pumps-great focus

Vasocharge is by far the best of all of these, But how should i stack beta alanine, creatine mono, AAKG and cit malate on top of it? I was thinking 5 g aakg morning, 2 g beta alanine during and after, 10 grams creatine on off days 5 gram after on normal days and i dunno abou the cit malate. Id run this for about 6 weeks....."
"VasoRuch Blend:
(citrulline malate, L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2:1, (Di-Arginine)-L-Malate, Citric Acid, (Di-L-Arginine) Orotate

CreaSci Blend:
(Creatine Monohydrate, Dicreatine Malate)

H-Primer Blend:
Beta-Alanine, N-Acetyl-Cysteine

No need to add those things, they are already included!. Save yourself some money and don't worry about adding anything."


Yep that was neovar I had this morning, in about 1 second, not a lifetime of mixing cellmass. My bad! :-X

Nah I'm not dissin cell mass, but it's nice to have options. Check this out when you get bored:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Defecting from BSN?

I thought I was, but after some studying over the weekend it seems that is not the case.

Anabolic Pump and PowerFULL are different types of pro-hormone supplements that aren't offered in other form by BSN. So we're staying true there. The only thing that I am wondering about is trading in the cell mass for neovar creatine ethyl ester.

One thing that I love about possibly trading the cell mass powder for caps is travelling. I go to probably all 5 of the gyms I can get into, each week, covering about a 200 mi radius. So putting a couple caps in a container is preferable to toting around a huge bottle of powder, some cups, spoons, whatever.

NO-Xplode has also failed to be something I enjoy taking. I do notice the same nasty side effects (gas!!!!) as with anabolic pump. So there, might be what I trade off of again.

I still love the perceived effects of Nitrix, Atrophex (I think USPLabs has something for this one too), Axis HT, Syntha 6, so I think those are around to stay for awhile.

But BSN Junkie also needs to be able to travel. Caps have it, and I'm not making a bunch of caps out of BSN products lol. The less amount of work *I* have to do the better.

More later :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tue April 22 2008

Yesterday was definitely tricep day, and I finally discovered one of the muscles I'm not working on like I should be. Felt it all day today. Today could be considered an off day, but I played on the treadmill for about 30~40 minutes at a heart rate between 120 and 160 depending on incline rate varying between 0 and 15%.

Definitely going to the gym tomorrow *after* work for more recovery time, and to absolutely positively hit the tris again.


This is my blog I get to do whatever the F*@#$*()@# I WANT TO lol go away :)

Edit: Not sure why I was looking at this, except for the blatantly obvious fact to me that my best friend Charles is on the stuff. And pretty much whatever he does, I'll at least try. After all, he got me started back in the day with Anator p70 which I had some good gains on. I never had results in the gym until I took that stuff. Thanks Charles!

As for now, Syntha 6 forever!

Anabolic Pump + Neovar?

neovar = creatine monohydrate fixed up for creatine non responders?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Creatine Monohydrate

Note to self, look for sources of this (CM) :)

Anabolic Pump

This is something I seriously considered before deciding to run through BSN. In fact it was a toss up between Atrophex and Dren on a page that accompanied an Anabolic Pump ad that lead me to the BSN stack. Tonight's research has me hell bent on running to Salisbury tomorrow to pick up some much needed additional nitrix (almost out), and Anabolic Pump. I'm already super anxious to get started. AP needs carbs, erego I can stop taking cheaters :):)

Too bad it's 11pm, I'd go now.... and if they have Pslin.... oh man oh man...!!!!!

Next Stack

Yep the dollar amounts we totalled up on the right over there are in fact staggering.

I think our next stack will involve Recreate + Anabolic Pump + Syntha 6 (you just cant avoid how awesome syntha 6 seems to be).

AP seems to take the place of cheaters/atrophex/no xplode/nitrix. I could be wrong, we'll see what happens. Definitely going to switch in the off cycle.

Monday April 21 2008

20 minutes on the treadmill, heart rate between 160~170. It was a walking pace varying between 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0, with incline of 6%, and 15%.

Today was officially shoulder day.

Lateral Raise 60 lb
Shoulder Press 60 lb is good, we can do over 100 lb but 60 feels good so we'll stay there.
Rear delt/row, 120 lb is good, 140 is too much.

There's some tricep press machine there, not sure the name. 60 lbs was about good on that one if I recall. I'm actually pretty tired of carrying the phone around the gym and recording things. Maybe I'll get back into it tomorrow.

Started off at 30 lbs on abs and moved up to 40, 50, 60, 50, 40, 30.

Can do 100 lbs on the tricep pull down, but I don't weigh enough to make it easy, and I felt it a lot in the shoulder.

Tomorrow I want to do cardio, lats, abs, chest (I know that's going to mess with a day off the tris though, maybe I'll push that to Wed).

60 seems to be our magic weight on the stupid machines.


Can't believe I didn't post at all last week! I did miss a couple gym days due to having to replace the clutch in my car, but made up a little exercise time geocaching.

Most notable event last week was visiting the Maryland Science center's Bodies Exhibit, and being able to see actual muscle from real live people, in human live walking living form. There was quite a lot to be learned about the fragility of the human body in terms of hemorrhaging, strokes, even how quickly and easily it is to kill off brain cells with lack of oxygen for only seconds.

Also had sunburned lips, and I started wondering if it was related to not getting enough water with all of the supplements. That also led to some of the gym break last week. They're still not 100%, but I am making sure to keep lip balm handy for when we're outdoors so long again. I did curb off some supplementation for about a day and a half, but picked back up the no-training regime over the weekend and we're still good.

I am definitely noticing the affects of the nitrix now. I can see my veins yarr!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

From last friday

Lateral raise 30
40 wt seat pos 4
50 pos 5
60 pos 6
60 pos 5 don't like 6

Preacher seat pos 5 60lb
Pos 6 yes trying 7 at 70lb now
Doing 70 at 7 again icarian equip
Make that 6 woot

Shoulder press at 50
Again seat pos 6
Keep chin down no more pop? Like down to chest
Severe pain at 70 keep at 50 w chin down

Seated row @ 6 pos 60 lbs
80 lbs
90 lbs

Chest press 90lb
Seat pos 4
90 lb
100 lb
120 head shook tho

Ab crunch at 30 lb
Lower back pain
Abs still hurt from tue
25 lbs now
20 now
20 is good remember to dist weight evenly to both hands when pulling down
Can feel it in lower abs which I don't have
This is good
25 now then done

Friday, April 11, 2008


Was doing business up in Philly most of this week. The Marriott had a decent gym if you could get yourself in to the right mindset. I had a pretty good time in there, and hit the elliptical for the first time. My legs are still, absolutely, positively, killing me. That was tuesday night.

I've been pretty good using Cheaters from BSN whenever I go out to eat. I don't even care what the cal count is or anything, I just make SURE I take them.

Wednesday was a sad day for the BSN junkie. The area I was working was secured by about 50 swipe points, no food/drink allowed in the room I was working, and I had everything in the car garage which was about a 20 minute walk. I'll have to plan something for next time I'm there, but this time was definitely out of luck. All I had wednesday was the 2 atrophex. Shaker cup missing in action btw, someone driving a company car has a really smelly present under one of the seats :)

Also, didn't leave wednesday until about 9:30 that night, putting me right to bed. If I had an AM gym schedule this week, I might have been able to go in the morning, and should have. I'm ashamed. Bad me! *smack*

Yesterday I'll consider a successful cardio day, well exercising anyway. I know I had my heartrate to 120 and walked at least 4 miles through the city while geocaching :)

Today, back into the groove, back into my office. Hell yes :)

Oh and my abs are still feelin it from tuesday night.. woot!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Am Fat Revisited

I think all I really needed to do was get back to the weights. 3 weeks of the fat burning treadmill was good for stretching my calves out and legs, but when it's all said and done I just needed to get back into weight training. Not even a week has passed and I have 4 of my 6 pack back. In two weeks who knows. Plus with BSN, the weight I'm adding just keeps going up, and I'm being *very* conscious of any body pains and logging them with the blackberry. When they go away, then I increase the weight (we're talking bone on bone popping pains here, and tearing pains from being a dumb dumb with too much weight).

Atro Phex

Currently taking one at 11:15, one at 3:15.

Not really much to this one. Because I *do* have a desk job, I find myself staying on one capsule each serving. 2 makes me really jittery, I've noticed, and if I'm taking that too close to my Nitrix/N.O.-Xplode it's just bad times. I really had a bad time at the gym last week because of it, well and I 2 scooped N.O. also. So for now, just doing 1 cap and no problems.


30 minutes of hill climb on the treadmill

20 lb ab crunch x 10
25 lb x 10
35 lb x 10
40 lb x 10
30 lb x 10
20 lb x 10
30 lb x 10

30 count captains chair

45 lb seated calf raise
70 lb seated calf raise

80 standing calf raise
100 standing calf raise

Weight / Body Fat / Time Thread

Going to sticky this later. I know I'm supposed to weigh myself in the morning, but I hate waking up and the first thing I do is take syntha 6 and get halfway done before remembering I should have weighed myself first. Deal with it, I am.

148.5 21.0% 3/01/08 9:00 PM
152.4 15.3% 3/31/08 6:30 PM
151.6 15.4% 4/01/08 8:00 PM
150.8 20.0% 4/02/08 4:30 AM
151.2 21.7% 4/02/08 9:20 PM
151.8 17.0% 4/03/08 8:30 PM
154.4 15.3% 4/07/08 9:30 PM
155 20% 4/21/08 7:00 AM

Monday, April 7, 2008

Syntha 6

Currently taking 2 scoops in 10 oz water at least twice daily.

Chocolate = magical

Cookies & Cream = please kill me


Currently taking 1 scoop 5 oz water about 30 minutes before hitting the gym.

I remember orange being okay.

Raspberry = oh please just toss me in a gas chamber

Grape = 30 minutes away
Update: Grape = :D It still reminds you what it is, but this is gooOoOod!!!


Currently taking 3 tablets 30 minutes before meals (breakfast, lunch, final)

9 tablets a day (making a travel size right now, got a biz trip this week :))

Note to self, I can only fit 22 into a 50 tablet ibuprofin bottle


One scoop, 4 oz water.

Grape invades my nose and covers my hands in powder!@!!! ARGH!!!
However, berry blast is my ABSOLUTE favorite so far. That's what's here at the office, and will be reordering in the future :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Had too much weight for me on the torso rotation friday. I felt a sort of pain I've never felt before. I'm cutting the weight down to 90 lbs and if it hurts I'm just going to call it a loss for a few more days. All the rest of my pains from last week are basically gone :-) According to various weight measurements, I'm up about 5 lbs from the beginning of last week. I'm assuming it has to do with the creatine / no2 and probably greater water intake. I'm also noticing a lot of leg development due to the treadmill, happy there :) I'm going to have to throw some elliptical in my routine.

Training Schedule

Just to get the permalinks rolling. The chart is lacking because a lot of what I'm basing this on, well hell I don't know exactly what the exercise is. Still confused by all of the fly variations, lateral raises, whatever. When I figure out exactly what they are I'll add them to each day.

Every day includes:
Abs, 20 lbs crunch, 90 torso rotation, captains chair
20-30 Min Cardio


Tuesday (Chest, Bicep)
35, 45, 55 bench
25, 35, 45 incline bench
75 lbs preacher curl

Wednesday (Shoulders)
30 lb lateral raise
40 lb shoulder press
80 lb row/rear delt

Thursday (Arms)
90 lb tricep pull down
35, 30, 25 alternating dumbbell curl
Tricep Pushdowns
Straight Bar Curls

Friday (Legs)
Seated Calf Raises
Donkey Calf Raises
Leg Curls

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today's Lesson

When you are able to start taking N.O. Explode at 2 scoops, and you've recently decided you should try 3 Atrophex capsules, instead go for 2 atrophex and 1 scoop of n.o. explode. I thought I was going to die when I finally reached the gym. I bet I had the highest blood pressure in the entire planet. Heart rate was fine, but I felt absolutely like crap for the first sixty minutes. It's possible I didn't have enough water in my system too because I had a really nasty headache that started right after taking n.o. Also, I remember not liking orange very much a year ago. Well if I had to choose between orange and this raspberry I'd go with orange.

Week 1 of 12 starts next Monday. Hopefully this week 0 has gotten all of the bugs out.


Remind me to post up some pics of the ingredients. In my research, I'd rather click around some pictures than dig around these packages all the time. Hopefully we don't have to transcribe too much.

I'm considering picking up the dessert and true mass to assist in these meals every day. I think I'm down to what an old television advertisement called "a shake here a shake there and a sensible dinner" aka gotta eat with the girlfriend before she thinks I'm only a juicehead haha

Man my abs are killing me. I really need to work on the lower core because there's really nothing there, I have like a two pack up top, maybe a two and a half. I can't wait to get into the gym tonight!!!! I wish I were there RIGHT NOW!

Way too early in the morning ;-)

My eyes are burning, I think I need more carrots.. argh.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First hit of Axis HT tonight

I'm not sure if it's that I'm finally lifting again, or the Axis HT I just took a few hours ago, but I'm king of the bathroom right now.. ;-)

On a side note, I eff'd up today and was not able to take the second serving of atrophex.

Vitacost still has not shipped my order, confirmed via telephone (thanks Amber!) So I went to Salisbury and just got everything that I'm still waiting on, sans Cheaters. This solves the question about transporting what to work, or to home, or what. We just have it in two places, voila. I expect everything to arrive Friday... we'll see. That'll teach me to trip an automated process that a skeleton crew runs :) Sounds a lot like my company..woops. Maybe it's bad that I'm so understanding.

PM Workout Schedule

We basically move n.o. xplode from the morning to just before workout pm time. We have enough drive time where we can take care of it in the car.
In place of the n.o. xplode in the morning, we move cellmass as if it were a non training day.

[x] 6:15 2 scoops syntha 6, 2 axis-ht tablets (leave for work)
[x+30] 6:45 3 nitrix (on the way to work)
[x+60] 7:15 (7:30 ok) 1 scoop cell mass (soon as i get to work)

9:00 meal 1, lean protein, complex carbs / skim milk + cheaters relief

11:15 3 nitrix, 3 atrophex

12:15 meal 2, lean protein, complex carbs + cheaters relief
2 axis ht
20 oz water

3:15p 3 atrophex

3:45p 2 scoops syntha 6

--- workout block ---
*make sure that there is no eating 30 minutes prior to the beginning
**this seems to work on paper as an early work + salisbury pm schedule
4:30p 3 nitrix, 2 scoops n.o. xplode
5:00p 30-60 min weight training, 20-30 cardio
1 scoop cell mass immediately after workout
6:15p done (hah hah)
--- workout block ---

7:00p meal 3, lean protein, complex carbs + cheaters relief
2 axis ht
20 oz water

[Done for today]

9:30p 1 scoop cell mass <-- skip this one, it was replaced by the one just after
20 oz water the gym, and we will catch back up the next morning
either after workout or first thing from wake up non-
training day

Updated April 3, shifted the morning 45 minutes later.

Regular Workday Schedule + Cambridge

5:30 2 scoops syntha 6, 2 axis-ht tablets
6:00 3 nitrix, 2 scoops n.o. xplode
7:00 30-60 min weight training, 20-30 cardio
1 scoop cell mass immediately after work out
9:00 meal 1, lean protein, complex carbs / skim milk + cheaters relief
11:15 3 nitrix, 3 atrophex
12:15 meal 2, lean protein, complex carbs + cheaters relief
2 axis ht
20 oz water
3:15p 3 atrophex
3:45p 2 scoops syntha 6
6:15p 3 nitrix
7:00p meal 3, lean protein, complex carbs + cheaters relief
2 axis ht
20 oz water
9:30p 1 scoop cell mass
20 oz water

Notebook (Just some notes I'm working on)

What, How, When

Syntha-6, 2 scoops 10 oz water, No restriction, all day long if you want
Axis-HT, 2 capsules, with each meal(can be shake) (breakfast, lunch, dinner), 3 times a day

N.O. Xplode, 2 scoops, 30 minutes before training, 1 time just before training (empty stomach (30 minute wait after syntha 6)) or just one time non training day, but empty stomach.
Cellmass, 1 scoop, immediately after workout + 8 hours later (empty stomach) aka just before bed for me, 2 servings daily

Nitrix, 3 tablets, 30 minutes before meals/shake (or 2 hours after), 3 times a day
Atrophex, 3 capsules, 30 minutes before meals/shake, 2 times a day
[can take nitrix+atrophex at the same time]

Blackberry Curve Notetaking, Shoulder Day

GridMagic is a free excel spreadsheet program that you can download OTA (over the air) for the blackberry, and I find it very useful when planning a gym schedule, and taking notes while at the gym. It becomes more like a scientific method, instead of "oh I can remember these numbers for next time". Meanwhile instead of taking one day to isolate an area of the body, I end up doing a half-assed job in the same areas day after day thinking "yeah I'm going to be fearsome!" Not big, just massively awesome. And so goes the past 2 years, minus the part where I basically stopped going for 5 months.

Anyhow I'm going to start including these notes in the posts. Enjoy :)

Today is shoulder day:
30 lb lateral raise 3 sets of 10

40 lb shoulder press 3 sets 10

70 lb row/rear deltoid 3 sets of 10

30 ab crunch bench yuck

Ab crunch machine+torso rotation is ok :) r sets 10
70 torso rot next and 20 crunch
90 torso next
25 crunch
90 was good naybe maaaybe too much
25 still hurts lower back...
(Next week will start with 20lbs ab crunch machine, 80 torso rotation)

I noticed on the lateral raise that at any weight (we'll say 20 or even 10 lbs) my shoulders click painfully at a certain point. Basically it's like I'm some weakling begging for death, my body can't even lift 10 lbs without arguing violently. I'm going to keep the weight to 20 lbs on that until the clicking subsides considerably.

Finished up with 60 minutes @ 135 heart rate.


The good folks over at vitacost called to let me know the nitrix I actually ordered from them is no longer being carried. So I made a return visit to the Vitamin Shoppe in Salisbury to pick up a bottle. I'll make sure I order the right one next time that's for sure. I didn't mind the increased price because by the time I managed to get shipping done, it would have been about the same cost.

I've increased atrophex from 2 to 3 capsules today. I remember the first time I took it, didnt feel 1, and 2 was absolutely intense. I'm glad I can work my way up to 4!

Today is shoulders/lats/pullups/abs/cardio day. We're still doing fat burn cardio with about 65% max heart rate. This is week 3 and I'm starting to notice a difference finally. I've been keeping weight/body fat records in a spreadsheet for you guys to look over too. I'll probably post those at the end of each month unless weekly or every other week shows a noticeable difference, especially when we finally have the rest of the BSN Elite Physique Stack in hand and in operation.

Let's be clear that genetics aren't on my side, so if I can amaze myself then it should be safe to say anyone can. Need to get some pics up too for comparison.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Chest and Bicep Day

55 ea side bench press, 25,35,45,55 progression 4 sets of 10 (start with 45 next week)

45 _incline_ hurts underdeveloped shoulders (this becomes important tomorrow),
Need to build them first with 35? (Make note of this for next Tuesday!)
35 doesn't hurt skeletal system, can
Feel it in the shoulders, going to keep burning
Out on 35 lbs then move to preacher curl (incline start at 35 next week)

75 lbs preacher curl max like 7 reps (set for 60 lbs next week)

Did 30 crunches regular and each side 38 13 on last set

Doing leg tuck now 15 rep 3x (google captain's chair exercise [])

Monday, March 31, 2008

Wow Mondays

Nothing short of an absolute mental mindfuck getting through monday morning at the gym. This is the week I begin sticking to a planned diet, timed throughout the day. I don't have everything I need, so I'll start the official day 1 of 12 weeks on/8 weeks off as soon as everything comes in.

Ive heard pretty much nothing good about BSN in my first initial online researching. But then past experience has taught me that I have to take the advice of others with a few grains of salt. Sometimes a different outlook or understanding or applied method to a system varies enough by the person to where it will have appreciable results for me.

Another hour on the treadmill is behind me and nothing but a glorious awesome day lies ahead!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Gym

As a young lifter, I remember going into the gym and seeing some really big, strong dudes lifting heavy weights, clapping chalk, and making a lot of noise. The music playing on the stereo made you want to work out the moment you walked inside. This has been replaced by a bunch of pencil neck “trainers” with extra-medium muscle shirts and small shorts running around with clipboards having their clients balance on top of a swimming pool ball, juggle dumbbells, and recite their ABCs backwards. - Paul Caldwell

Thursday, March 27, 2008

BSN Junkie

I've tried muscle tech products, cytosport, anator p70, muscle milk, cell tech, hydroxycut, atrophex, mass tech, everything, jumping all over like a hyena. Well finally atrophex lists an example "stack" on their packaging, and suddenly this whole hysteria makes sense. Even as I type this I'm looking at a floor full of supplements- but now knowing that as soon as I've finished them I'm sticking with BSN products. It's not magical, there's a forumla. Protein here, creatine there, increase in certain body hormone productions here, and boom you're done.

When I have a routine perfected, I'll post it up. For now, I'm finishing up 2x muscle milk (long way to go), whey protein (almost gone), mass-tech (yuck), and cell-tech.

I start nitrix and resume n.o. explode next week, keeping atrophex, and will start cell mass as soon as cell-tech from muscletech is gone. See, all those stupid names. Pick a brand and just stick with it already.

I miss the feeling of lifting, muscles ready to pop at any given moment. It's time to bring that back.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Gym

I am now have memberships allowing me to enter 4 gyms, and in this desolate area that's absolutely overkill :) No matter where I am, a gym is near by. No more missing a fat burning workout!