Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tue April 22 2008

Yesterday was definitely tricep day, and I finally discovered one of the muscles I'm not working on like I should be. Felt it all day today. Today could be considered an off day, but I played on the treadmill for about 30~40 minutes at a heart rate between 120 and 160 depending on incline rate varying between 0 and 15%.

Definitely going to the gym tomorrow *after* work for more recovery time, and to absolutely positively hit the tris again.



This is my blog I get to do whatever the F*@#$*()@# I WANT TO lol go away :)

Edit: Not sure why I was looking at this, except for the blatantly obvious fact to me that my best friend Charles is on the stuff. And pretty much whatever he does, I'll at least try. After all, he got me started back in the day with Anator p70 which I had some good gains on. I never had results in the gym until I took that stuff. Thanks Charles!

As for now, Syntha 6 forever!

Anabolic Pump + Neovar?

neovar = creatine monohydrate fixed up for creatine non responders?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Creatine Monohydrate

Note to self, look for sources of this (CM) :)

Anabolic Pump

This is something I seriously considered before deciding to run through BSN. In fact it was a toss up between Atrophex and Dren on a page that accompanied an Anabolic Pump ad that lead me to the BSN stack. Tonight's research has me hell bent on running to Salisbury tomorrow to pick up some much needed additional nitrix (almost out), and Anabolic Pump. I'm already super anxious to get started. AP needs carbs, erego I can stop taking cheaters :):)

Too bad it's 11pm, I'd go now.... and if they have Pslin.... oh man oh man...!!!!!

Next Stack

Yep the dollar amounts we totalled up on the right over there are in fact staggering.

I think our next stack will involve Recreate + Anabolic Pump + Syntha 6 (you just cant avoid how awesome syntha 6 seems to be).

AP seems to take the place of cheaters/atrophex/no xplode/nitrix. I could be wrong, we'll see what happens. Definitely going to switch in the off cycle.

Monday April 21 2008

20 minutes on the treadmill, heart rate between 160~170. It was a walking pace varying between 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0, with incline of 6%, and 15%.

Today was officially shoulder day.

Lateral Raise 60 lb
Shoulder Press 60 lb is good, we can do over 100 lb but 60 feels good so we'll stay there.
Rear delt/row, 120 lb is good, 140 is too much.

There's some tricep press machine there, not sure the name. 60 lbs was about good on that one if I recall. I'm actually pretty tired of carrying the phone around the gym and recording things. Maybe I'll get back into it tomorrow.

Started off at 30 lbs on abs and moved up to 40, 50, 60, 50, 40, 30.

Can do 100 lbs on the tricep pull down, but I don't weigh enough to make it easy, and I felt it a lot in the shoulder.

Tomorrow I want to do cardio, lats, abs, chest (I know that's going to mess with a day off the tris though, maybe I'll push that to Wed).

60 seems to be our magic weight on the stupid machines.


Can't believe I didn't post at all last week! I did miss a couple gym days due to having to replace the clutch in my car, but made up a little exercise time geocaching.

Most notable event last week was visiting the Maryland Science center's Bodies Exhibit, and being able to see actual muscle from real live people, in human live walking living form. There was quite a lot to be learned about the fragility of the human body in terms of hemorrhaging, strokes, even how quickly and easily it is to kill off brain cells with lack of oxygen for only seconds.

Also had sunburned lips, and I started wondering if it was related to not getting enough water with all of the supplements. That also led to some of the gym break last week. They're still not 100%, but I am making sure to keep lip balm handy for when we're outdoors so long again. I did curb off some supplementation for about a day and a half, but picked back up the no-training regime over the weekend and we're still good.

I am definitely noticing the affects of the nitrix now. I can see my veins yarr!!!!