Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today's Lesson

When you are able to start taking N.O. Explode at 2 scoops, and you've recently decided you should try 3 Atrophex capsules, instead go for 2 atrophex and 1 scoop of n.o. explode. I thought I was going to die when I finally reached the gym. I bet I had the highest blood pressure in the entire planet. Heart rate was fine, but I felt absolutely like crap for the first sixty minutes. It's possible I didn't have enough water in my system too because I had a really nasty headache that started right after taking n.o. Also, I remember not liking orange very much a year ago. Well if I had to choose between orange and this raspberry I'd go with orange.

Week 1 of 12 starts next Monday. Hopefully this week 0 has gotten all of the bugs out.


Remind me to post up some pics of the ingredients. In my research, I'd rather click around some pictures than dig around these packages all the time. Hopefully we don't have to transcribe too much.

I'm considering picking up the dessert and true mass to assist in these meals every day. I think I'm down to what an old television advertisement called "a shake here a shake there and a sensible dinner" aka gotta eat with the girlfriend before she thinks I'm only a juicehead haha

Man my abs are killing me. I really need to work on the lower core because there's really nothing there, I have like a two pack up top, maybe a two and a half. I can't wait to get into the gym tonight!!!! I wish I were there RIGHT NOW!

Way too early in the morning ;-)

My eyes are burning, I think I need more carrots.. argh.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First hit of Axis HT tonight

I'm not sure if it's that I'm finally lifting again, or the Axis HT I just took a few hours ago, but I'm king of the bathroom right now.. ;-)

On a side note, I eff'd up today and was not able to take the second serving of atrophex.

Vitacost still has not shipped my order, confirmed via telephone (thanks Amber!) So I went to Salisbury and just got everything that I'm still waiting on, sans Cheaters. This solves the question about transporting what to work, or to home, or what. We just have it in two places, voila. I expect everything to arrive Friday... we'll see. That'll teach me to trip an automated process that a skeleton crew runs :) Sounds a lot like my company..woops. Maybe it's bad that I'm so understanding.

PM Workout Schedule

We basically move n.o. xplode from the morning to just before workout pm time. We have enough drive time where we can take care of it in the car.
In place of the n.o. xplode in the morning, we move cellmass as if it were a non training day.

[x] 6:15 2 scoops syntha 6, 2 axis-ht tablets (leave for work)
[x+30] 6:45 3 nitrix (on the way to work)
[x+60] 7:15 (7:30 ok) 1 scoop cell mass (soon as i get to work)

9:00 meal 1, lean protein, complex carbs / skim milk + cheaters relief

11:15 3 nitrix, 3 atrophex

12:15 meal 2, lean protein, complex carbs + cheaters relief
2 axis ht
20 oz water

3:15p 3 atrophex

3:45p 2 scoops syntha 6

--- workout block ---
*make sure that there is no eating 30 minutes prior to the beginning
**this seems to work on paper as an early work + salisbury pm schedule
4:30p 3 nitrix, 2 scoops n.o. xplode
5:00p 30-60 min weight training, 20-30 cardio
1 scoop cell mass immediately after workout
6:15p done (hah hah)
--- workout block ---

7:00p meal 3, lean protein, complex carbs + cheaters relief
2 axis ht
20 oz water

[Done for today]

9:30p 1 scoop cell mass <-- skip this one, it was replaced by the one just after
20 oz water the gym, and we will catch back up the next morning
either after workout or first thing from wake up non-
training day

Updated April 3, shifted the morning 45 minutes later.

Regular Workday Schedule + Cambridge

5:30 2 scoops syntha 6, 2 axis-ht tablets
6:00 3 nitrix, 2 scoops n.o. xplode
7:00 30-60 min weight training, 20-30 cardio
1 scoop cell mass immediately after work out
9:00 meal 1, lean protein, complex carbs / skim milk + cheaters relief
11:15 3 nitrix, 3 atrophex
12:15 meal 2, lean protein, complex carbs + cheaters relief
2 axis ht
20 oz water
3:15p 3 atrophex
3:45p 2 scoops syntha 6
6:15p 3 nitrix
7:00p meal 3, lean protein, complex carbs + cheaters relief
2 axis ht
20 oz water
9:30p 1 scoop cell mass
20 oz water

Notebook (Just some notes I'm working on)

What, How, When

Syntha-6, 2 scoops 10 oz water, No restriction, all day long if you want
Axis-HT, 2 capsules, with each meal(can be shake) (breakfast, lunch, dinner), 3 times a day

N.O. Xplode, 2 scoops, 30 minutes before training, 1 time just before training (empty stomach (30 minute wait after syntha 6)) or just one time non training day, but empty stomach.
Cellmass, 1 scoop, immediately after workout + 8 hours later (empty stomach) aka just before bed for me, 2 servings daily

Nitrix, 3 tablets, 30 minutes before meals/shake (or 2 hours after), 3 times a day
Atrophex, 3 capsules, 30 minutes before meals/shake, 2 times a day
[can take nitrix+atrophex at the same time]

Blackberry Curve Notetaking, Shoulder Day

GridMagic is a free excel spreadsheet program that you can download OTA (over the air) for the blackberry, and I find it very useful when planning a gym schedule, and taking notes while at the gym. It becomes more like a scientific method, instead of "oh I can remember these numbers for next time". Meanwhile instead of taking one day to isolate an area of the body, I end up doing a half-assed job in the same areas day after day thinking "yeah I'm going to be fearsome!" Not big, just massively awesome. And so goes the past 2 years, minus the part where I basically stopped going for 5 months.

Anyhow I'm going to start including these notes in the posts. Enjoy :)

Today is shoulder day:
30 lb lateral raise 3 sets of 10

40 lb shoulder press 3 sets 10

70 lb row/rear deltoid 3 sets of 10

30 ab crunch bench yuck

Ab crunch machine+torso rotation is ok :) r sets 10
70 torso rot next and 20 crunch
90 torso next
25 crunch
90 was good naybe maaaybe too much
25 still hurts lower back...
(Next week will start with 20lbs ab crunch machine, 80 torso rotation)

I noticed on the lateral raise that at any weight (we'll say 20 or even 10 lbs) my shoulders click painfully at a certain point. Basically it's like I'm some weakling begging for death, my body can't even lift 10 lbs without arguing violently. I'm going to keep the weight to 20 lbs on that until the clicking subsides considerably.

Finished up with 60 minutes @ 135 heart rate.


The good folks over at vitacost called to let me know the nitrix I actually ordered from them is no longer being carried. So I made a return visit to the Vitamin Shoppe in Salisbury to pick up a bottle. I'll make sure I order the right one next time that's for sure. I didn't mind the increased price because by the time I managed to get shipping done, it would have been about the same cost.

I've increased atrophex from 2 to 3 capsules today. I remember the first time I took it, didnt feel 1, and 2 was absolutely intense. I'm glad I can work my way up to 4!

Today is shoulders/lats/pullups/abs/cardio day. We're still doing fat burn cardio with about 65% max heart rate. This is week 3 and I'm starting to notice a difference finally. I've been keeping weight/body fat records in a spreadsheet for you guys to look over too. I'll probably post those at the end of each month unless weekly or every other week shows a noticeable difference, especially when we finally have the rest of the BSN Elite Physique Stack in hand and in operation.

Let's be clear that genetics aren't on my side, so if I can amaze myself then it should be safe to say anyone can. Need to get some pics up too for comparison.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Chest and Bicep Day

55 ea side bench press, 25,35,45,55 progression 4 sets of 10 (start with 45 next week)

45 _incline_ hurts underdeveloped shoulders (this becomes important tomorrow),
Need to build them first with 35? (Make note of this for next Tuesday!)
35 doesn't hurt skeletal system, can
Feel it in the shoulders, going to keep burning
Out on 35 lbs then move to preacher curl (incline start at 35 next week)

75 lbs preacher curl max like 7 reps (set for 60 lbs next week)

Did 30 crunches regular and each side 38 13 on last set

Doing leg tuck now 15 rep 3x (google captain's chair exercise [])

Monday, March 31, 2008

Wow Mondays

Nothing short of an absolute mental mindfuck getting through monday morning at the gym. This is the week I begin sticking to a planned diet, timed throughout the day. I don't have everything I need, so I'll start the official day 1 of 12 weeks on/8 weeks off as soon as everything comes in.

Ive heard pretty much nothing good about BSN in my first initial online researching. But then past experience has taught me that I have to take the advice of others with a few grains of salt. Sometimes a different outlook or understanding or applied method to a system varies enough by the person to where it will have appreciable results for me.

Another hour on the treadmill is behind me and nothing but a glorious awesome day lies ahead!