Sunday, April 6, 2008

Training Schedule

Just to get the permalinks rolling. The chart is lacking because a lot of what I'm basing this on, well hell I don't know exactly what the exercise is. Still confused by all of the fly variations, lateral raises, whatever. When I figure out exactly what they are I'll add them to each day.

Every day includes:
Abs, 20 lbs crunch, 90 torso rotation, captains chair
20-30 Min Cardio


Tuesday (Chest, Bicep)
35, 45, 55 bench
25, 35, 45 incline bench
75 lbs preacher curl

Wednesday (Shoulders)
30 lb lateral raise
40 lb shoulder press
80 lb row/rear delt

Thursday (Arms)
90 lb tricep pull down
35, 30, 25 alternating dumbbell curl
Tricep Pushdowns
Straight Bar Curls

Friday (Legs)
Seated Calf Raises
Donkey Calf Raises
Leg Curls

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