Thursday, May 1, 2008

From AM

Because you are training to build muscle mass/size, only 1 set is needed. Several studies have been done comparing 1 set vs. 3 sets. 3 sets greatly improves strength, but compared to 1 set shows no added benefits in building muscle. Believe it or not, increased strength may actually constrict your ability to build muscle mass. That's why you'll see a big bodybuilder who benches the same weight as a powerlifter half his size.

For your warm up and working sets go like this:
1st set: 10 reps with a weight you could easily do for 20
2nd set: 8-10 reps with a weight you could do for 15
work set: 8-10 reps to a "sticking point"

*Sticking point: this is a part in your motion where you despite how hard you push, the weight will not budge. For example, on the bench press this usually occurs when you're arms are bent at about 90 degrees.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Staple Supplements

Super Cissus Rx


Anabolic Pump


Syntha 6


Axis HT

If the bar ain't bending, you're just pretending.

Napalm recommended here, making me wonder if Recreate is not what I'm looking for...

For those that are cutting this is probably the biggest problem that you face and you don't even know it. Now like most people I sometimes judge my progress by always looking at my abs. The problem is that your abs may not change one bit but you still keep losing weight in areas around you body. Your abs are the last place that it will burn fat and to assess your progress you need to understand how the body burns body fat. Basically the body burns fat from the outside in. It will protect the vital organs and keep energy reserves closer to your core than on your limbs. This is one reason you can have ripped arms but still have a nice tire around your waist. Now the tricky part is to understand WHEN you've hit a wall. Most people tihnk "my abs are the same, I'm not losing fat". Well thats far from the truth. The amount of fat that is on your inner thights, butt, lower back, etc... is much more substantial and can take a very long time to burn off so you should try and look in those areas too. Your abs should be the last place you look until those other areas are fairly lean. Just some things for you to think about....

ps. Without squats and deadlifts, you can kiss your abs goodbye!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This was a very smooth company to order from. The only reason I'm not listing them is because while I haven't ordered from yet, the prices at the other place are lower, and they are part of the AnabolicMinds community that I'm pretty much immersed in at the moment.

You may not know, but VitaCost does not carry and of the USPLabs stuff that I'm using so poo on them :) NutraPlanet's BSN prices do seem cheaper, so depending on shipping costs I may buy everything from them from now on. Hmm! :D


I think I double dosed anabolic pump on accident around lunch time today! I felt generally very crappy and it started about 2pm. I'm purposely skipping the dose with dinner, and I'm making today a full on rest day (aka I just got up from a 1.5 hour nap). I'll dose PowerFull tonight just before bed like normal, and am about to take up some more carbs and truemass for "dinner."

Today makes the first day in probably a long time where I've had over 3000 calories in a day. I also plan to eat some cereal because cereal rocks and I love it!!!

Still considering Pslin and Recreate. Also I really need to stop buying stuff locally because even after shipping it's still cheaper online, and the cost savings shoot through the roof after the first item.

Edit: Okay I lied I dosed anyway :P

Monday, April 28, 2008


Most likely going to be a cardio/legs day because I pretty much worked everything today.

I do plan to go home first, to give myself time to load up on AP+Waxymaize before the gym, and prep a bottle of cellmass/waxymaize for after. Less crap to take to work, sans the huge truemass bottle that I will be lugging around tomorrow.

True Mass

Picked up a bottle of this stuff tonight to help with caloric intake + other vitamins etc. Even with Truemass I came in at under 3000 calories today, and normally I don't have the benefits of it. No wonder I'm tired all the time and am a hard gainer.

Also picked up Waximaize, and was so so sooooo very close to picking up some Pslin. Maybe later :)

Anabolic Pump

This has me looking at mixing waxy maize and maldextrin next. Also on the anabolicminds forum, their personal profile section AmSpace is a perfect way for me to start tracking diet and workouts. Plus, the board is mobile phone friendly, so I may be able to track workouts even easier, in realtime! First test is tonight!

Also, I want to give the credit to anabolic pump, my arms have been fucking insane since starting to take this stuff. And I'm noticing it other areas as well. I'm finally getting super excited about body building the way I used to be, this is fantastic!

NO Xplode/Nitrix replaced by AP/P-slin/Vasocharge

"most of the products out their include NO and if AP or P-slin is taken I feel no need for he NO. Plus I like to get off it for a while."

"vasocharge/primal no2 is the best. No comparison and you can find it for under 20 bucks which is a steal"

"Thats funny!!. No Xplode is total crap comapared to Vasocharge. Scivation is a far better company also. Scivation can just laugh in the face of BSN in my opinion."

"The two, NO Xplode and Vasocharge, are both good products and you wont go wrong with either. If I had to pick one as a stand alone I will go with No Xplode. However more often than not I pick Vasocharge. This is because i mix my PWO with some BCAA(Xtend) and Vasocharge really mixes excellently with Xtend and taste is also great(Lemonade)."

"no xplode- no results
nitrix- nothing
no shotgun- worst headaches ever, upset stomache (good pump)
superpump 250- supers*its and nothing
NO2 (GNC)-actually very effective great pumps
AAKG- alrite not as good as L-arginine, terrible taste
L-arginine- great pumps
Vasocharge- sweet pumps-great focus

Vasocharge is by far the best of all of these, But how should i stack beta alanine, creatine mono, AAKG and cit malate on top of it? I was thinking 5 g aakg morning, 2 g beta alanine during and after, 10 grams creatine on off days 5 gram after on normal days and i dunno abou the cit malate. Id run this for about 6 weeks....."
"VasoRuch Blend:
(citrulline malate, L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2:1, (Di-Arginine)-L-Malate, Citric Acid, (Di-L-Arginine) Orotate

CreaSci Blend:
(Creatine Monohydrate, Dicreatine Malate)

H-Primer Blend:
Beta-Alanine, N-Acetyl-Cysteine

No need to add those things, they are already included!. Save yourself some money and don't worry about adding anything."


Yep that was neovar I had this morning, in about 1 second, not a lifetime of mixing cellmass. My bad! :-X

Nah I'm not dissin cell mass, but it's nice to have options. Check this out when you get bored:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Defecting from BSN?

I thought I was, but after some studying over the weekend it seems that is not the case.

Anabolic Pump and PowerFULL are different types of pro-hormone supplements that aren't offered in other form by BSN. So we're staying true there. The only thing that I am wondering about is trading in the cell mass for neovar creatine ethyl ester.

One thing that I love about possibly trading the cell mass powder for caps is travelling. I go to probably all 5 of the gyms I can get into, each week, covering about a 200 mi radius. So putting a couple caps in a container is preferable to toting around a huge bottle of powder, some cups, spoons, whatever.

NO-Xplode has also failed to be something I enjoy taking. I do notice the same nasty side effects (gas!!!!) as with anabolic pump. So there, might be what I trade off of again.

I still love the perceived effects of Nitrix, Atrophex (I think USPLabs has something for this one too), Axis HT, Syntha 6, so I think those are around to stay for awhile.

But BSN Junkie also needs to be able to travel. Caps have it, and I'm not making a bunch of caps out of BSN products lol. The less amount of work *I* have to do the better.

More later :)