Thursday, May 8, 2008

Which week am I in? (Wrapping up week 6 this friday)

Well we're up from ~148 starting to ~157 right now, not too shabby!

Using some of the other posts to figure this out, I do believe I'm in week 6 now. That means I'm halfway through the first BSN cycle. This is going to affect Cellmass, Nitrix, Atrophex, Axis HT, NO Xplode.

"Sadly" I've replaced NO Xplode with an AP/Pslin schedule that I can tolerate and won't have to cycle completely off of. Never really have been a fan of N.O. anyway, sorry guys.

Atrophex will be replaced with Recreate+Napalm

Nitrix, I'm thinking Vasocharge but need more 411. I may stick with nitrix during the next cycle.

Cellmass should be replaced by Neovar because caps > powder for me.

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