Monday, June 9, 2008


Okay here's what we're going to try:

1. screw calorie count
2. 1.5g protein per lb weight. That's 255 for me (oy vey!)
3. Carbs. I heard 3g per, not sure. That's 510 (yeow)
4. Syntha 6 is a nice protein blend (supposedly). But people question the amino acid quality in there. So we supplement with xtend bcaa's at least once a day (I like to keep the container at home.. need solution there).

Not sure how I'll break up the 255g protein. BUT the point of that is if I'm not getting enough cals each day which makes me catabolic, I don't want to lose muscle at all.

But I think all the other stuff in the shakes equalling 255g protein will put me past maint. cals and put me at risk of adipose fat gain. Damnit.

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