Monday, July 7, 2008

Epistane Cycle: Work in progress

Alrighty so I've ordered Epistane, Cycle Support, and Post Cycle Support from IBE. After much reading, I've determined that it is an incomplete kit and need to order some Novedex XT, and restock my Cissus for PCT.

_ 2 weeks out, begin Cycle Support

_ Cycle:
Dosing spread at: 4am, 10am, 4pm, with the higher doses earlier in the morning.
I'm planning a 4 week run of Epistane at 20/30/30/40
Week 1: 10/20/20/20
Week 2: 30/30/30/30
Week 3: 30/30/30/30
Week 4: 40/40/40/40

After the cycle:

_ Post Cycle Support
_ Nolvadex (40/40/20/20)
_ Super Cissus RX
_ 6-OXO
_ Axis HT (Only because I have 2 bottles laying around)

What doesn't change?
_ BCAAs during/post workout (Xtend)
_ Protein Supplementation
_ Multivitamin

What does change?
On cycle, stop NeoVar, Powerfull, Anabolic Pump, PSlin


Maria said...

This is the best Epistane I have taken with better results than I could have ever imagine. By far the best strength & mass building product I have taken!!!

ericwilliam25 said...

Epistane is the best product for healthy body and increase our stamina to do exercise. I am also using this product they don’t have any side effects to our body.