Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay the iphone has let me down enough by losing my "gym buddy" data so I'm sticking to pen and paper notebooks.

Some of the equipment at my gym is in kg, some in lb. The best part about kg is I really don't know what they represent offhand, even though I made a quick small chart from 100~160 lb before I went out yesterday. So I might actually lift more initially then planned.

Dumbbell Flyes, target is 6~10. Used: 66kg for 13 reps. Moving up to 77kg next time. However if I can't adjust the machine better for my arms, I'm going to consider dropping it for the pec deck.

Incline Press: moved immediately to this from flyes. Also, started out here to warm up and find a set a good weight for after the flyes. Target here was 1~3 reps, and I got 2 with 88kg. Warmup was 44kg, 66kg, 77kg. I'm going to keep this one at 88kg and see if I can get 3+ reps next time.

Straight arm pull down: the machine we use at the gym is off being refurbed, so I used the cables and the weight there only goes to 100. Despite that, I started with 60lb, target 6~10 reps. I did 27 (wtf) which is WAY TOO MANY and took fucking forever. I'm switching to full 100 next time, or the pullover machine. This was for lats.

Immediately jump to: Palms up pulldown, same machine (wont work if we use pullover but should be fairly quick jump over to cables). Target 6~10 reps. With 60lb I did 37 reps and said f**** this. Went to 90x6, going to 100 next time. Again, this lat pulldown machine is off being refurb for about another month (christ).

Deadlift. Target 6~10 reps, should be complete failure at rep 10. Did 18 reps, going to warm up with 4x135, then add 50 for 185 to failure (6~10).

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