Friday, April 11, 2008


Was doing business up in Philly most of this week. The Marriott had a decent gym if you could get yourself in to the right mindset. I had a pretty good time in there, and hit the elliptical for the first time. My legs are still, absolutely, positively, killing me. That was tuesday night.

I've been pretty good using Cheaters from BSN whenever I go out to eat. I don't even care what the cal count is or anything, I just make SURE I take them.

Wednesday was a sad day for the BSN junkie. The area I was working was secured by about 50 swipe points, no food/drink allowed in the room I was working, and I had everything in the car garage which was about a 20 minute walk. I'll have to plan something for next time I'm there, but this time was definitely out of luck. All I had wednesday was the 2 atrophex. Shaker cup missing in action btw, someone driving a company car has a really smelly present under one of the seats :)

Also, didn't leave wednesday until about 9:30 that night, putting me right to bed. If I had an AM gym schedule this week, I might have been able to go in the morning, and should have. I'm ashamed. Bad me! *smack*

Yesterday I'll consider a successful cardio day, well exercising anyway. I know I had my heartrate to 120 and walked at least 4 miles through the city while geocaching :)

Today, back into the groove, back into my office. Hell yes :)

Oh and my abs are still feelin it from tuesday night.. woot!

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Fashion Victim said...

Hey Whats up? Thanks for the comment. Im trying to get back in shape. I was able to run a mile in 4:40mins in Highschool. First I want to get rid of my gut, which I think isnt much, and then bulk up my muscle. I actually got the nike+ pedometer thing for the iPod nano and it kicks a lot of ass. Measures distance and calories, then you could track how much you have run on nikes myspace for running. You should check it out. Are you from Dallas?