Monday, April 21, 2008


Can't believe I didn't post at all last week! I did miss a couple gym days due to having to replace the clutch in my car, but made up a little exercise time geocaching.

Most notable event last week was visiting the Maryland Science center's Bodies Exhibit, and being able to see actual muscle from real live people, in human live walking living form. There was quite a lot to be learned about the fragility of the human body in terms of hemorrhaging, strokes, even how quickly and easily it is to kill off brain cells with lack of oxygen for only seconds.

Also had sunburned lips, and I started wondering if it was related to not getting enough water with all of the supplements. That also led to some of the gym break last week. They're still not 100%, but I am making sure to keep lip balm handy for when we're outdoors so long again. I did curb off some supplementation for about a day and a half, but picked back up the no-training regime over the weekend and we're still good.

I am definitely noticing the affects of the nitrix now. I can see my veins yarr!!!!

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