Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blackberry Curve Notetaking, Shoulder Day

GridMagic is a free excel spreadsheet program that you can download OTA (over the air) for the blackberry, and I find it very useful when planning a gym schedule, and taking notes while at the gym. It becomes more like a scientific method, instead of "oh I can remember these numbers for next time". Meanwhile instead of taking one day to isolate an area of the body, I end up doing a half-assed job in the same areas day after day thinking "yeah I'm going to be fearsome!" Not big, just massively awesome. And so goes the past 2 years, minus the part where I basically stopped going for 5 months.

Anyhow I'm going to start including these notes in the posts. Enjoy :)

Today is shoulder day:
30 lb lateral raise 3 sets of 10

40 lb shoulder press 3 sets 10

70 lb row/rear deltoid 3 sets of 10

30 ab crunch bench yuck

Ab crunch machine+torso rotation is ok :) r sets 10
70 torso rot next and 20 crunch
90 torso next
25 crunch
90 was good naybe maaaybe too much
25 still hurts lower back...
(Next week will start with 20lbs ab crunch machine, 80 torso rotation)

I noticed on the lateral raise that at any weight (we'll say 20 or even 10 lbs) my shoulders click painfully at a certain point. Basically it's like I'm some weakling begging for death, my body can't even lift 10 lbs without arguing violently. I'm going to keep the weight to 20 lbs on that until the clicking subsides considerably.

Finished up with 60 minutes @ 135 heart rate.

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