Sunday, April 27, 2008

Defecting from BSN?

I thought I was, but after some studying over the weekend it seems that is not the case.

Anabolic Pump and PowerFULL are different types of pro-hormone supplements that aren't offered in other form by BSN. So we're staying true there. The only thing that I am wondering about is trading in the cell mass for neovar creatine ethyl ester.

One thing that I love about possibly trading the cell mass powder for caps is travelling. I go to probably all 5 of the gyms I can get into, each week, covering about a 200 mi radius. So putting a couple caps in a container is preferable to toting around a huge bottle of powder, some cups, spoons, whatever.

NO-Xplode has also failed to be something I enjoy taking. I do notice the same nasty side effects (gas!!!!) as with anabolic pump. So there, might be what I trade off of again.

I still love the perceived effects of Nitrix, Atrophex (I think USPLabs has something for this one too), Axis HT, Syntha 6, so I think those are around to stay for awhile.

But BSN Junkie also needs to be able to travel. Caps have it, and I'm not making a bunch of caps out of BSN products lol. The less amount of work *I* have to do the better.

More later :)

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